Special Air Conditioning System


Provide to operator a comfortable and safe cabin in every situation, where clean, hot or fresh air, always at the right temperature and humidity, is evenly  and distributed and controlled: a climate of well-being for the head, heart and feet.

The systems created help concentration and ensure better visibility for those who work with lifting equipment, protect those who work in polluted environments from toxic substances, create a safety barrier in the cabin from fumes, exhaust gases and dust for those who operate construction machinery in tunnels, they eliminate physical discomfort and carelessness resulting from driving in extreme weather conditions.

The air conditioning units of the Varani Group were the solution for special vehicles that worked in the hell of Chernobyl, with firefighters on the platforms of the aircraft carriers, in the excavation of tunnels for new high-speed lines, in the movement of missile ramps or near to the blast furnaces of large steel mills.

This is the quality of Varani Condizionatori's work.