ClimatE room


In climatic room recreates the air flows on the vehicle, the temperatures, the humidity rate and the solar radiation required by the tests.

In Climatic Room Varani Condizionatori can be performed:

  • Air conditioning and heating test.

  • Air flow and pressurization test in dynamic and recirculation mode.

  • Noise test.

  • System electrical balance test.


The purpose of the test is to check an engine's ability to start in very cold conditions. The minimum temperature that can be reached is -18 ° C, the duration of exposure to cold can extend for several hours until the desired temperature is reached.

The Varani Condizionatori team is available to study with users the test protocols most suited to their individual needs.


How long and how efficiently does the vehicle's window defrosting system work? How can the defrosting process be optimized according to the external environmental conditions?
These are just some of the questions that can be answered using the Varani Condizionatori climate room testing capabilities.
The windshield of a vehicle, and in general all its windows, can be covered with a layer of ice at different temperatures between 0 ° C and -18 ° C and thus the defrosting capacity of the heating system can be tested.


How is the air conditioning (hot or cold) distributed in the passenger compartment of different types of vehicles, depending on the weather conditions outside?
What is the response of the air conditioning system to varying external temperature and humidity conditions and what effect does it have on passenger comfort?
The characteristics of the climate room combined with the data acquisition system's ability to record temperature signals from different parts of the passenger compartment, for example, provide answers to questions about the quality of the passenger compartment air conditioning system.

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