Total customer assistance starting from the design. As every industrial vehicle is designed by the manufacturer to fulfill the task established even in extreme climatic and environmental conditions, so at Varani Condizionatori every part of the vehicle to be conditioned is deeply studied to devise the best climate control and air treatment solution.

For vehicles designed to work in fields and construction sites, in dusty environments dominated by noise, in the midst of toxic and polluting substances, it becomes essential to ensure a perfect psycho-physical condition of well-being and safety for the operator.


The daily confrontation with the most diverse questions has forced Varani Condizionatori to continuously study new solutions regarding the product and production methods for a real guarantee of satisfaction of customer expectations.

Human resources, computerized calculation and design programs allow to define with extreme precision the characteristics of each single component in view of its final application. In this way, multifunctional, modular or customized air conditioning and pressurization units take shape, capable of generating hot / cold air, only hot or only cold, guaranteeing the right thermo-hygrometric balance in the cabin.


With the customizable electronics it is possible to obtain a specific control of the entire air conditioning system.

The electronics of VARANI AIR CONDITIONERS include solutions such as PWM control and CAN BUS highly customizable according to the customer's expectations.


In fully equipped departments, qualified Varani Condizionatori operators ensure an error-free assembly guaranteeing the absolute conformity of the product to the required specifications.

Expert hands connect the different components, fix the heat and cold coils, wire the electrical system, complete the condenser, cut the pipes and clamp the fittings, prepare the set of bolts and brackets and pack the finished product


Dimensions of the climatic chamber
5.30 m (opening 2.60 m) x 4.50 m h 3.00 m with a load capacity of 150kg / m2.
Negative and positive temperatures that can be set


Varani Condizionatori technicians prepare an accurate assembly of the system prototype. In the cabin and in the engine compartment each component is positioned and fixed according to precise functional and aesthetic parameters.

Mixing hot and cold air, recirculation and activated carbon filters, powerful ventilation and uniform air distribution will ensure effective booth pressurization and clean, dehumidified air in all conditions. Simple and safe maneuvering on the manual or automatic controls will allow the operator to adjust the cabin environment to its ideal climate.


The agility and organization of the warehouse in the preparation of the material combined with the wide availability of semi-finished and finished products allows to feed the assembly lines without interruption and to face any sudden customer request.

The choice of each component is the result of incessant research and testing carried out in open collaboration with the customer and the supplier. The exclusive relationship of Varani Condizionatori with the leading suppliers of the various components is the guarantee of the high and constant quality of the products used.


The entire structure of the Varani group offers the maximum availability in dealing with and solving problems.

The sales office is ready to listen to every request and to propose the best solution, the highly trained technical staff, equipped with fully equipped vehicles, is able to respond promptly to any request for intervention and to independently carry out any type of assembly or repair.
Each question always finds a quick, clear and complete answer with the aim of giving the customer, both large and small builders, the safety and trust in the most advanced proposals of Varani Conditioners.